How Your Abundance Definition is Blocking You

How Your Abundance Definition is Blocking You










It is said that whatever the mind perceives and believes, then the body can achieve. This in short means that you are exactly who you think you are. The unfortunate thing today, however, is that most approach the matter of Abundance and Manifestation observing their conscious thoughts instead of their sponsoring thoughts. This not only leads to frustration but also blocks them from achieving their full potential. This perhaps explains why the world is full of people who are sad and unsatisfied with what they have and are always chasing dreams that seem so unreachable. Below is a guide that aims to show you how your abundance definition is blocking you and some of the changes you can make to turn your life around and start enjoying the best that life has to offer.


We are ALWAYS Manifesting

Abundance definition

Our desires for abundance are based on nature’s abundance


The universe is filled with unlimited energy, which creates things in the Universe. It is a power we are constantly harnessing, and for the most part it is unconscious. These resources are available to us and we can make use of them to meet our needs whenever we want to. The abundance in the universe goes beyond the physical world and also includes our thoughts. If you have sponsoring (subconscious) thoughts of abundance the universe will give you the right abundance to match your thoughts. if your deeper thoughts are of poverty, or lack, then the universe will just constantly energize those into reality. The key here is to interrogate the thought behind the thought, behind the action.

For example, you may wish to start a new business and are even convinced of its success – you don’t even doubt your knowledge, ability or business acumen. Yet, you work in the same mundane role – day in, day out, for a salary that keeps you earning just over enough to survive that month. Your hopes and dreams are not taken into consideration by your bosses, so why would you stay in a role that makes other people rich, and not you? You think of starting your own business, yet your sponsoring thoughts are the excuses that keep you there.

This is where you interrogate the sponsoring thought. How does the thought of actually starting up, or researching premises make you feel? Perhaps the money will run dry. Perhaps you won’t get enough customers to tide you over in the first year. Maybe the tough competition will drive you out of business, or even if you were successful, you may not even be able to cope with the demands and this will worsen your reputation. Whatever your worries or anxieties, the sponsoring thought is one of lack (of money, custom, resources and so on) and of competition, which is the very antithesis of abundance. You are focusing on lack, and thereby creating lack in your life. The Law of Abundance isn’t something you “tap” into. We are all doing it all the time. There is never a time we are not manifesting. Our lives are the result of our own self-belief. It’s not that we can’t see abundance or achieve it – we choose not to.

The Law of Attraction doesn’t help further competition or give you advantage over others. That’s fear based consciousness, ultimately a destructive one. The law of abundance is a creative power; it creates something out of nothing. It makes two blades of grass grow where you plucked just the one. You won’t experience or actualize abundance through this focus on lack, or worry about competition. You will become rich by the use of your faculties, and a focus on the creative power you hold.

Instead, let your sponsoring thought be based on true abundance – the fact that you don’t need all the customers under the sun to help you succeed – there will be plenty of chances to win over custom, and the world will provide you with plenty. You will be providing a service where once, there was none, and this impacts other local businesses, your town, and people you love. Think of the impact your success will have on their lives. Think of the cultural or socially enriching impact your business will have on your environment. The use of resources for your business also enhances the industry, which you are also helping. Your human touch will be valued much more than the touch of a faceless corporation, because that is it; adding value to other people’s lives is how you add value to your own.

With the economy the way it is, or governments and corporations, however and wherever they are, it is easy to become beaten down, but they are still arranged in a way that makes it possible for you to engineer your happiness – and that is gratitude – in other words, seeing abundance around you. It is the law of abundance at work.

See? Now you can’t afford not to get going!


Abundance Definition: Common Myth


While the law of abundance is clear, many people do not understand it fully. Here are some of the ways most of us view abundance. It is sad but true that most of us view abundance in terms of money. While money and financial freedom is important and can be achieved with the right attitude it is not everything. Firstly, the money you need is for intangible qualities, like a sense of achievement or liberation. Constantly worrying about money has the exact opposite effect that most of us would wish for and this enhances lack, and financial freedom remains an elusive mystery.

Abundance definition

Financial freedom can be a sponsoring thought

Abundance goes beyond the physical world. Actually the mind is said to be the most powerful tool where abundance and success is concerned. Positive sponsoring thoughts will allow you to see the abundance around you while negative ones will only limit you and block you. It is important to adopt an abundance mentality and understand that there are more than enough resources for everyone. This will not only encourage you to help those around you reach their goals, but will also allow you to see the limitless opportunities around you and focus less on the problems and challenges that you expect to meet along the way. With time you will come to realize that the more you give back the more you receive and the more you enjoy a fulfilling life.
So it is true that the universe is full of limitless resources and the limitations that you see around you are all in the mind. This however has not always been your view of the universe and life in general. What can you do to change this and ensure that you live a full life and maximally exploit your potential? Here are two things you can do to rediscover yourself and make use of all that the universe has to offer.


#1: Change your attitude


It is indeed true that attitude in life is everything. You need to change your sponsoring thoughts and start looking at life positively. See that there are limitless opportunities every day and you do not need to hoard what you already have because of the fear of the unknown. You can enjoy your wealth today and enjoy what you have at your disposal as you work towards exploring more opportunities. This will however only happen when you get rid of all negativity in your life and start looking at life from a new and positive angle.


#2: Be Grateful


You will start seeing how your abundance definition is blocking you and realize that you need to focus more on how you have abundance already, and how this is manifesting more and more in your life, instead of the perceived limitations. However greedy corporations or flawed governmental systems may be, the fact remains that these systems are set up in a way that allow you to acquire things. Don’t worry about the smallness of life; a mighty oak tree is contained in a small acorn. You will also be more aware of yourself, what makes you happy and the steps to follow to ensure happiness, a healthy life and success in all aspects of life.

Abundance definition

Abundance goes far beyond the tangible

Gratitude is the acknowledgement of things you appreciate. This is the single biggest key that is never missing from the myriad of texts out there that talk about the Law of Manifestation. Gratitude allows you, in time, to change your subconscious thinking (then manifesting) from lack to abundance. What you focus on grows. But it’s not necessarily JUST the unconscious either. The conscious mind is a powerful thing, and where the subconscious is receptive and automatic, the conscious mind is more autonomous and forceful. With a positive thrust, you literally re-program your mind (conscious and unconscious) to notice that you are always provided for, and you always will be. This allows you to dream bigger, instead of just focussing on basic survival or subsisting.


Redefining your Abundance Definition


In this article we have touched upon the simple, raw truth behind the true meaning of abundance.

  • The level of abundance you enjoy at present reflects your dominant inner abundance definition
  • Abundance is more than just about money
  • Abundance begets abundance
  • If you feel you are currently repelling abundance, two key things will allow you to attract it
    • Your attitude, and…
    • …an attitude of gratitude